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There is a lot going on with mosquitoes at the moment so I thought a quick update would be in order. Firstly, Doctors have complained to ABTA about last minute holiday makers being unprepared and bringing back malaria as an unwanted souvenir and not just any malaria either! Three people all on the same tour contracted Plasmodium falciparum, the most deadly form! So now doctors want health warnings on last minute ads!

Secondly, many health professionals are woefully out of date with the advice they give out to would be travellers. Our Co-ordinator was recently informed by the nurse at his GP’s surgery that he only needs to take doxycycline on his trip to S. America (She didn’t mention insect repellent at all!) despite some resistance to this particular anti-malarial drug and certain side effects e.g. supersensitivity to light. I would have thought by now, with all the publicity surrounding Cheryl Cole’s (and others’) malaria -she contracted it whilst taking Malarone- that most people would be aware that no anti-malarial drug gives 100% protection!? The only way you can be sure not to get any malaria or any other mosquito-bourne disease is not to get bitten in the first place! Especially with resistance developing against all prophylactic drugs.

Thirdly, researchers have discovered a previously unknown subspecies of the Anopheles gambiae mosquito in West Africa that they have named Goundry, after a village in Burkina Faso. Goundry is highly susceptible to the malaria parasite and therefore a big setback to attempts to eradicate the deadly disease, because up until now all efforts have focused on the indoor variety of mosquito. However, the Goundry live outdoors, which also means they’re more difficult to kill, according to scientists writing in the journal Science last week. Incedently, incognito spray was tested on Anopheles gambiae and scored 100% efficacy in all tests.

I was speaking about avoiding insect bites at the Destinations Show last weekend and expressed CLOAK as the absolute minimum to avoid getting bitten. I will be repeating the talk at the NEC for the Destinations Show at 10.30 on the 6th March.

C – Cover up arms and legs with suitable clothing.

L – Light coloured clothing is strongly advisable.

O – Odours, bodily or otherwise like certain kairomones and perfumes are strong attractants. Therefore washing thoroughly which includes exfoliating with a loofah is essential to minimise odours.

A – Apply an effective insect repellent.

K – Keep away from stagnant water.

Lastly, so many travel professionals are unaware of mosquitoes, such as Anopheles albimanus, building up total resistance to Deet; spraying olive oil on your skin would give a similar level of protection to 100% Deet. This is an area of huge concern for all Deet users. At the recent travel show I encountered a film maker who had just returned from the Amazon covered in mosquito bites from head to toe whilst using 100% Deet. Like many people he had no idea of the resistance to Deet. It’s not just total resistance which is a problem either as scores of mosquito species have also built up partial resistance to this over-used neurotoxic repellent. I will be releasing a short viral about this subject next week.

incognito anti mosquito spray is stronger than Deet, which is why it is the only repellent that is clinically proven to protect against malaria when used in conjunction with an impregnated mosquito net.

I do hope that health professionals dishing out travel advice regarding mosquitoes and malaria get up to speed soon before this gets out of hand.

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  1. comment by Dr Watson

    Thank you for bringing this new research to my attention, it is impossible nowadays to read every new piece of research. After studying all the reports I will now be recommending patients no longer use any Deet products.

  2. comment by Mr Holmes

    I would have thought that was elementary.

  3. comment by irene

    grandchildren always being bitten at parents house & abroard on legs

    trying to find out the cause

    please reply

  4. comment by Angela Hughes

    is incognita safe to use in pregnancy? My daughter will be 32 weeks when we are in GOZO. We get bitten every year and bites infected. Please reply as chemist and Dr won’t say what’s safe to use.

  5. comment by Jim Bonnar

    I come from Scotland and we have a major problem with the MIDGE, a very small fly with a very bad attitude to people.
    I have found AVON skin so soft works very well a repellent i have tried many over the years this is one of the best.

  6. comment by gurmit singh

    i going to venezuala i need a cream for mosquito can you help me

  7. comment by admin

    Hello Angela,
    Thank you so much for your enquiry. Sorry for the delay in answering, our Director Howard Carter is away in the jungle field testing incognito at the moment and this crept under the radar.

    In reply to your question ‘is incognito safe to use in pregnancy?’ – please note: There have been no tests carried out on any insect repellents for pregnant women and research has never been carried out, nor is it ever likely to, because it is unethical to test in pregnancy.
    What we can say is that all of the ingredients in incognito spray are 100% natural and that many women have used incognito while pregnant with no known adverse reactions or side effects. It has also been used very successfully on babies (we do recommend a patch test). Unlike other insect repellents the spray can also be sprayed on clothing too.
    Because of pregnancy nearly all women become more attractive to mosquitoes and other biting insects, so it is essential to take extra precautions.
    Therefore, if you decide to go ahead and try the products, we do suggest that you buy the basics: an incognito soap or our hair and body wash. And exfoliate with either our luxury loofah soap or scrub (or your own loofah) – this is very important to lessen your attractiveness to insects. The moisturizer is quite gentle and offers a good level of protection too.
    We do strongly recommend that you do a patch test on the inside of your wrist before you go on holidays to see if any rash appears. No reaction usually means that the product is totally safe for the wearer to use.
    There have been no reports of any problems when using incognito during pregnancy or at any other times for that matter, but this is not to be taken as a recommendation. As every individual is different, we always recommend the patch test just to be sure especially as during pregnancy increased sensitivities can arise.
    Please read the Avoiding Insect Bites Page and How To Use incognito products (under the Useful Info tab ) on our web site for further protective advice. If you are feeling in any way uncertain and don’t wish to use the spray directly on your body, then just spray it onto your clothes, as this will offer some form of protection. Perhaps consider an impregnated mosquito net which you can use during the night. Please note that use of any of the products would be your own decision.

    In the meantime to make up for the delay in our reply, if you do go ahead and place an order, we have decided to give you a 10% discount on your first order! :)
    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 7792 8687 between 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm.
    Have a great holiday and all the best.

  8. comment by admin

    Hello Jim,
    Many thanks for your comment. Yes, there are a number of products on the market and they all have differing levels of protection and success. Which choice of products to use is entirely at each persons discretion.
    I do recall there was a huge problem with midges this year, and they sure do have a bad bad attitude! In fact a number of people used incognito very successfully against the little beasties.

    Our incognito products are at the forefront of latest developments and we test on a continuing basis. In fact our Director; Howard Carter, is away at the moment field testing the spray in the jungles of the Far East! :) Have a look at the following link which offers more information about incognito. And of course we only use 100% natural ingredients.

    Jim, once again thanks for your comment, all feed back is appreciated. Due to the delay in responding to your comment, we have decided to give you a bonus discount of 10% on your first order of incognito. If you have any further questions do feel free to contact us on 020 7792 8687 between 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm Monday to Friday.
    I wish you a great day,

  9. comment by admin

    Hello Gurmit,

    Many thanks for your enquiry. Wow, Venezuela…what a great place to visit.
    We have a number of products in our range that you may enjoy. Regarding a cream you could use the incognito after sun moisturiser which offers you good protection from all insects and is 100% Natural -No Parabans, SLS’s, toxins or GM.

    However, if you are prone to bites or suffer greatly when bitten then I would suggest that you have a look at a combination of products to gain maximum protection: the incognito spray, the incognito hair and body wash as well as the incognito after sun moisturiser (which can be used at any time of the day). If you require further information about how to use our incognito products I suggest you have a look at this link which will give you more information. Should you wish to chat to someone for free advice, please do give us a call on 020 7792 8687 between 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm Monday to Friday.

    To make up for the delay in replying to your query, we have decided to give you a 10% discount on your first order. :) Give us a call at 020 7792 8687 to take advantage of this offer.
    We wish you a wonderful trip to Venezuela.


  10. comment by Sheila

    Mosquito bite remedies. I have been in Northern Spain for 11 weeks and have used and exhausted every product to protect me, and nothing works Deet, Gobi spray ( Tropical ) I had to visit the doctor twice as I required anti biotics and stronger anti histamines. Can you recommend anything else. I am Asthmatic and Diabetic.



  11. comment by admin

    Hi Sheila,

    Thank you for your enquiry, sorry you have had such an unfortuate experience. incognito anti-mosquito spray is what we would recommend that you use for the future. incognito is 100% natural and is safe for use, although we do recommend a patch test if you are sensitive to any products.
    If you would like to give me a call at the office on 020 7792 8687 I will be happy to chat to you and give you further information on our products and which would be the best for you touse. Regards Cindy

  12. comment by admin

    Hello Irene, sorry to hear that the grandchildren are being bitten, how nasty for them. They could be the victim of any number of insects depending on the areas they are in at the time. incognito anti-mosquito spray is a repellent that deters all insects and has been found to be very effective, as well as which it is 100% natural. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the office 020 7792 8687 and we can chat about how best to help you and them. Regards Cindy p.s. as you have waited so long for a reply, we will be happy to give you a 10% discount on your first order.

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